We are a global community connecting people during COVID-19

What we believe

One person at a time

 We believe that everyone has the innate capability to help another human through loving, caring, and nurturing communication.

✩ We believe that loving and nurturing each other is the most powerful force that can change the world.

✩ We believe that by helping one another, we are helping ourselves.

✩ We believe that protecting emotional health is essential right now and is the responsibility and privilege of all humans. 

✩ We believe in providing social support rather than therapeutic support as a means of nourishing the emotional self.

✩ We believe in raising people to their full potential through a friendship based on compassion.

✩ We believe that human companionship is innate; that by connecting friend to friend, we are returning to the essence of what it means to be human.

✩ We believe that through this initiative, we are helping others to change their narrative.

✩ We believe at intervening early in a person’s struggle before they get to a place where they feel helpless and isolated.

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